HIIT Cardio and Lifting Increases HGH

This section looks at natural HGH optimisation training – channelling your gym efforts for maximal HGH. There are two main things to learn:

1 -Lifting Increases HGH

2- HIIT Increases HGH

Most readers will be interested in the muscle building and fat burning effects of HGH and  most likely having a good routine in place.

This is a great start as lifting increases HGH.

Training induces huge transient spikes of HGH lasting for hours.

As the articles in this section explore, factors in your training can affect your HGH:

  • Consistency of lifting
  • Rep ranges used
  • Speed and control of reps
  • Structure of your cardio
  • Intensity of your cardio

Increase HGH: Training Articles

Weightlifting – Massive HGH Booster

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – Sprint for HGH

Other factors have different roles :

Diet provides the building blocks of HGH.

Sleep is a facilitator for the production of the majority of your HGH.

Supplements provide some of  building blocks and assist the process of HGH secretion.