Intermittent Fasting – Powerful HGH Tool

Intermittent Fasting for More HGH

Intermittent Fasting HGH – Boost your HGH up to 2000%.

Fasting has many health benefits and is a great tool for stay slim. 

Fasting and HGH levels go hand in hand.

Increases in HGH and testosterone make it a must for a natural bodybuilder.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a routine of eating whereby an individual will consume all of their calories in a restricted time period. It doesn’t change what you eat but just when you eat.  Generally the fast period should be at least 16 hours. An example between would be between 1pm and 9pm daily. This is a 16 hour daily fast (between 7pm and 1pm the next day), with an 8 hour eating window. Some people simplify it by just missing breakfast. In the fasting period water and very low calorie drinks such as black coffee may be consumer – you don’t want to exceed 15 calories. Using a intermittent fasting HGH strategy you can spike levels of HGH incredibly high. Fasting and HGH go hand in hand – this article will provide you with one of the most important things you need to sky rocket your HGH levels naturally.


Why do people fast?

IF has been some great benefits backed up by scientific evidence:

Weight Loss – A study (1) found that short term fasts were effective at reducing bodyweight, up to 7% within 12 weeks.

Muscle Gain – Fasting causes a boost in anabolic hormones such as testosterone and HGH.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity – Evidence is emerging that IF is highly effective against diabetes. Fasting periods makes the pancreas start producing insulin again in diabetics (2).

Suppresses Appetite – Moderates the hunger hormone grehlin.

Increase Longevity – IF can help limit caloric intake over a life time. This reduces the chance of developing many diseases at an old age.

Brain Function – Fasting boosts production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor which improves neural health and brain function.

Clearer Skin

Mental Wellbeing

…and of course for the huge intermittent fasting HGH effect

The Traditional Bodybuilding Diet

Regular fasting is a relatively new trend in the fitness industry which heavily contrasts the standard old school bodybuilding approach to nutrition.

The standard bodybuilding diet follow a regime of frequent small meals perhaps up to 6 a day.

When cutting it is used as people believe that getting the same number of calories in more sittings will speed up users metabolism – this has been proven a myth (3)

In regards to building muscle, it is principally to provide constant nutrition for recovery. Some argue that you body can only absorb so much protein in one sitting.

Some bodybuilders even wake up in the middle of then night to have some protein.

Why Natural Bodybuilders Should Fast

Building muscle for a natural can be looked at like this:

(Diet X Training) X Genetics = Gains

Diet and training act synergistically and are essential to making gains. 

Genetics is a key factor that determines how far your diet and training will get you.

This distinguishes the best bodybuilders from the rest.

A key factor in genetics is natural hormone levels – more testosterone, HGH, IGF-1 and other androgens are principally involved in natural muscle size and growth.

When looking at nutrition natural bodybuilders should consider how best to optimise hormones as well as the timing of nutrition.

Fasting is a great tool to maximise natural hormone optimisation – it increases testosterone and HGH.

A study (4) in 2012 found that consuming food (a 550 calories standard meal) before a morning testosterone blood test reduced by testosterone by 30% for u to 2 hours after compared to the control group.

Another study (5) found that healthy males luteinizing hormone (LH) – the precursor to testosterone – increased by 67% from an overnight fast.

Testosterone means more muscle and manipulating this variable will maximize your gym efforts.

Does Fasting increase HGH?

Intermittent fasting for more HGH works.

A well known study (6) found a 2000% increase in HGH after a 24 hours fast that lasted for a couple of days after.

These HGH responses occurred as huge individual pulses from the pituitary gland.

The authors suggested that the response may be some evolutionary response to starvation.

Other older studies have found HGH spikes from fasting.

A study (7) in 1982 looked at a patient undergoing a 40 day fast for religious reasons. HGH levels went from 0.73 ng/ml to 29.2 ng/ml by day 5. By day 26 it was up to 9.86 ng/ml – a 1250% increase.

A study (8) in 1988 recorded a 5 day fast  doubled GH Pulse frequency and amplitude.

A study (9) in 1992 found a 5 fold increase in HGH after a 5 day fast.

Some of this will likely be the result of no insulin spikes from eating which drives down HGH.

The Verdict

The intermittent fasting HGH effect is one of the most powerful tips you will learn from this website.

Anyone interested in HGH optimisation should make this one of their first priorities to incorporate if they don’t already.

Generally – Longer fasts = More HGH pulses.

Daily fasts of up to 20 hours work well for maximising IF HGH pulses.

Another approach would be to do more infrequent 24 hour fasts or more.












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