Vitamin D – The Super Vitamin for Health, Testosterone and HGH

Is Vitamin D HGH Booster? Studies suggest so

Vitamin D is a fantastic supplement and that is cheap and needed by those deprived of adequate sunlight.

It has a huge variety of potential in promoting mental and physical well being.

Specific to bodybuilding it can positively influence anabolic hormones, such as testosterone, HGH and IGF-1.


Vitamin D Is Essential

Vitamin D is finally getting the attention it deserves. By vitamin D, I specifically mean Vitamin D3. This form is generally considered the best with studies often demonstrating specifically its benefits. Vitamin D HGH boosting properties are less well know. 

It is best known for its vital role in maintaining healthy bones with a deficiency in the elderly being highly correlated with osteoporosis.

However, it is being viewed as a super vitamin more and more as its full potential and health benefit are being realised.

Vitamin D has been shown to:

  • Normalize high blood pressure (1)
  • Reduce risk of early death in the elderly (Vitamin D3 form) (2)
  • Strengthen bones
  • Reduce chance of certain cancers (e.g. colon)
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve mood

Humans produce vitamin D naturally from sunlight. If you live a sunny country year round and get outside then you will likely have enough vitamin D.

If you live in a country with little light or seasonal light, then it is highly recommended that you supplement vitamin D3 in extended periods without sun.

Recommended dosing it between 1000 and 4000 iu to achieve optimal blood levels.

It is a very cheap supplement so I highly recommend purchasing some, especially if your deficient which is surprisingly common in low sunlight countries.


This can be confirmed by a blood test, but symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include:

  • Weak immune system
  • Fatigue
  • Bone and back pain
  • Depression
  • Impaired wound healing
  • Bone loss
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle pain

Vitamin D and bodybuilding

Vitamin D is marketed to bodybuilders mostly as health supplement but with a few muscle building benefits as well:

1.Boost physical performance by playing an important role in muscle structure and function (3)

2.Increase testosterone – One study (4) by increased testosterone by 25.2% using 3332 IU’s a day . More testosterone equals more muscle and less fat.

3.Increase fat Loss – 400 obese adults took 25,000 IU or 100,000 IU a month with the same low-calorie diet. The higher dose group lost 30% more weight.


Does vitamin D increase HGH?

Vitamin D levels have been correlated with increased HGH in the first year of growth (5).

Another study found a dose of 5,000-7,000 IU for a week was found to to increase IGF 1 in adults significantly (6).  

HGH stimulates IGF-1 production in the liver. Therefore an increases in IGF-1 indicates an increase in HGH.


Vitamin D is involved in hundreds of chemical reactions in the body.

It positively affects natural hormone profiles in the body, including testosterone, IGF 1 and HGH which make it worth having in a bodybuilding supplement stack.

Given this and the health benefits then highly recommend buying some Vitamin D3, especially if you don’t get enough sunlight.

This is a good vitamin D:

Vitamin D3 365 Softgels (Full Year Supply) 1000IU Vitamin D Supplement, High Absorption Cholecalciferol Vitamin D (Vitamin D3 softgels easier to swallow than Vitamin D tablets) by Nu U Nutrition




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