Taurine – Amino Acid Health Supplement That May Increase HGH

Taurine: Cheap Supplement That May Boost HGH

Taurine is a that is used for its heath benefits, bodybuilding purposes and its ability to boost HGH.

The cheap price tag means it is worth trying.


What is Taurine?

Taurine is an important amino acid found in animal tissue (1).

It has a range of roles in the body including membrane stabilization, osmoregulation, calcium signalling, cardiovascular functioning, central nervous system and various functions in the eye.

Like glycine it is a conditional amino acid.

Taurine is one of the most popular amino acid supplements for its huge range of benefits on health:

  • Prevent diabetes
  • Prevent Obesity
  • Strengthen heart muscle cells
  • Prevent atherosclerosis
  • Protect eyes and ears from damage
  • Prevent seizures
  • Prevent liver disease

Regardless of its muscle building and HGH boosting benefits, it is a supplement worth considering because of these benefits.

It is often used by bodybuilders to increase cell volume giving a fuller look and an increase in  strength.

It also improves blood flow, pumps, fat oxidation, V02 max and can stress.


Taurine has a very good safety profile.

It has repeatedly been demonstrated in studies as being safe in recommended doses up to 3g a day (in addition to food sources) for a lifetime (2).

Higher doses are tolerated well when tested but long term supplementing at these levels is not advised.

Taurine HGH

The connection between taurine and HGH is less well known compared to other amino acids.

One study in 1988 was measuring the effect of growth hormone and prolactin secretion in rats, found that intraventricular injections did stimulate a secretion in both of the hormones (3).

A study in 2014 investigated how vitamin B12-dependant taurine synthesis regulated growth and bone mass (4). They found a connection between B-12 deficiency leading to decrease taurine production in the liver and in turn a reduction in both HGH and IGF1.

The Verdict

There is limited evidence available for examining taurines effect on HGH.

That said, these two studies indicate a connection.

With a cheap price tag and good safety profile, taurine is a worthwhile supplement for health, bodybuilding and HGH boosting.

This is a taurine supplement I recommend:

BULK POWDERS Pure Taurine Powder, 500 g



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