Post-Workout Nutrition – Theory About Natural HGH

Post Workout Nutrition for HGH

The following consideration is more a theory at this point of time, but it has strong theoretical evidence and supported by the online fasting community.

As discussed in articles here, weightlifting with slow eccentrics and HIIT workouts are some the best methods of increasing HGH producing huge transient spikes of several times baseline levels.

Some individuals believe that post workout carbs, especially those that spike insulin could diminish post workout recovery and gains from blunting the HGH response.

pexels-photo-235294 (1).jpeg

The Insulin and HGH Connection

Some individuals believe carbs post workout could produce high insulin, which is known to decrease HGH (1).

Based on this it may be wise to just have whey protein, or even better, amino acid supplements post workout to avoid the insulin spike and blunted HGH release.

Some individuals in the online fasting community fast post workout occasionally to get what they call “huge” boosts in HGH.

They work out fasted in the morning and don’t eat for a few hours post workout. This combines the fast boost and the exercised induced transient spike.

Individuals claim that they have benefits from doing this method in terms of muscle mass and sleep quality which they attribute to the increased HGH.

This theory has not been proven by scientific studies, but it does seem quite likely that it could be the case. 




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