Pre-bed Nutrition – Eat Less Prior to Sleep for High HGH

HGH bedtime nutrition – eat earlier in the day

Much like the macronutrient and calories article, a key lesson is less carbs.

Carbs spike insulin which reduces HGH. 

Deep sleep is where the bulk of our HGH is produced so carbs near bed will blunt this.

Carbs early in the day in one sitting not post workout is ideal.


A Debated Topic in the Medical Community

The timing of food consumption before bed in regards to health is a widely debated topic. One view is that eating before bed slows your metabolism down causing undigested calories to be stored as fat. On the contrary many say that it is fine and may even assist weight loss. But studies have shown that people who eat before bed are more susceptible to weight gain because those who do on average eat more calories in total  (1) (2) (3). Another study(4) found that in 420 individuals following a 20 week weight loss treatment, those who ate their largest meal after 3pm lost significantly less weight.  The main reason for this is likely to be because HGH production is maxmized. The best HGH bedtime nutrition is nothing.


HGH Boost

For a bodybuilder there has often been an idea of eating near bedtime to maximize recovery to fuel protein synthesis during sleep.

But many natural bodybuilders actually view this as ccounterproductive.

Eating before sleep will spike insulin, especially if carbohydrates are in the mix.

Sleep is one of the most important facilitators of HGH production and the majority is produced during this time in HGH pulses.

Therefore food should not be consumed for some hours before as insulin will blunt your HGH production at the most valuable time.

This may be part of the reason why in the study of 420 people they lost significantly more weight not eating much later in the day.

As a lifter do not be concerned about less recovery from not eating before bed.

This is a bit of “bro science” and your recovery and fat burning efforts should produce more results from the extra HGH.


If you want to maximise HGH production then you should eat your carbs earlier in the day, ideally in one sitting.

Consume  protein and vegetables at dinner at least 3 hours before bed time.

This fits in well with an intermittent fasting regime.




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